Forsining - Aristeo
Forsining - Aristeo
Forsining - Aristeo

Forsining - Aristeo

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If you, the gentleman is looking for a timepiece that adds a hint of boldness and classiness to your daily casual outfit as well as a suit, Forising presents you the Aristeo. It is the most perfect companion for your hectic, sometimes chaotic days. We understand, most men want their timepieces to look as sophisticated as possible, but at the same time is functional enough to serve their purpose to remind men of the importance of time. Hence, the invention of Aristeo.

Being a chronograph watch, the Aristeo lets the wearers set their time precisely with the ‘stopwatch’ function comes in those fancy three dials. It is indeed, the epitome of an exquisite, yet affordable timepiece. We want everyone regardless of social status to walk in pride with a beautiful watch clasped around.

Leather or metal strap? Some would go for metal while some are comfortable with a leather strap. We believe both are practical, dressy and stylish. The Aristeo wants our men to appear serious but at the same time playful. That is why it comes with a fine leather strap as we believe there is nothing to differentiate between both straps on the ground of professionalism.

No matter what your profession is, Aristeo is the perfect pair for you.


Brand Name : Forsining

Style : Chronograph, Fashion, Casual

Water Resistance N/A

Model Number : GMT373-2

Strap Length : 245mm

Band Width : 24mm

Strap Material : Leather

Clasp Type : Buckle